About Us

Behind every great management team is a long list of accolades, degrees, and student loans. Our team of managers and board of directors are no different. We at SPAWAVE have brought together some of the most respected minds in the SPA & Wellbeing industry. Their active participation in our day-to-day operations has helped make SPAWAVE the leading provider of Wellness Bussiness Management & Consultancy.

We focus on promising business ventures in the fields of Medical Wellness & Wellbeing that have the potential to bring advances in this sector to different countries. Most of our projects are new innovations, but may also be proven ventures that simply have not reached the market commensurate with its potential.

SPAWAVE will conduct through due diligence in its choice of projects. Business plans, including financial projections and risk assessments, will be carefully reviewed by staff and outside consultants. If a project is consistent with the mission of the organisation, and it has significant potential for profit and economic development, our corporation will then develop the structure and package of support and examine the need for management assistance.

Martine Fehr
The multiple award winning SPA & Wellbeing Executive with over 15 years' experience of hotel- and Spa project development and management in the international luxury hotel industry.
Dr. Prof. Andreas Wieser
As the strategy master mind and trend setter in medical wellness, and as president of the all new “Lans Institute for future health”, the international think tank, he will always dedicate his time and efforts to the areas of “Health & Healing”.
Carmen Heinrich
A Specialist in Corporate Communication and Strategic Marketing. 15 years' experience in international companies, projects and countries. Focus on hospitality, tourism industry and FMCG. References for market developments, market entries and project management.
Marcel B. Zaugg
An accomplished senior hospitality executive with 30 years’ experience across Saudi Arabia, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Egypt, UAE and Switzerland. Major strength in leading international hotel operations, albeit specializing in pre-opening Hotels and resorts.